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PXM: when the PIM tool gives way to the product experience

The ecommerce is already crowded and the only way to get the attention and retain your customers is by offering them the best product experience. You can achieve this by paying attention to the reviews they make on your products…

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Webmarketing: the need for social buzz

Doing webmarketing is not an easy task. Many strategies are used in order to attract and retain as many customers as possible. Social buzz is a strategy that companies use to boost their business. This section outlines the need for…

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How to create buzz and virality?

Buzz or viral marketing is, as its name suggests, a technique mainly dedicated to marketing to advertise a defined product in order to spread as quickly as possible and thus reach the maximum audience. Steps are imperative to reach these…

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Why trust a web agency?

A web agency is a real partner involved in the digital strategy and communication strategy of a company. This service provider offers a variety of services. Also called interactive agency or digital agency, a Web agency in Marseille is a…

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Get support in selling your website

Your activity does not please you any more or you want to reconvert? Your website can make you a lot of money if your business is doing well. If not, it can make you earn some money… In any case,…

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How to outsource your inbound marketing strategy?

In the era of Web 2.0, everything is becoming easier for Internet users to navigate the net. This allows them to get information or buy items online. For this reason, companies must adapt and adopt strategies to hold an important…

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How can you better master marketing and its techniques?

We always hear somewhere that marketing is indispensable in the life of a company. Why and how to master it then? The answers to this question are in this article. The explanations will be simple and easy to understand. General…

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Find a Webmarketing agency specializing in natural SEO / SEA

To optimize the number of visitors to your site, it is essential to appear at the top of the list on the various search engines. A good referencing makes it possible to achieve this. As this technique is already adopted…

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Participate in internet surveys to earn money

Paid surveys are solutions that make it easy to earn money with time and a little bit of means. These specialized portals offer the Internet user innovative and simple missions to have other sources of income. You increase your jackpot…

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