A-B testing

How to carry out an effective A/B testing campaign?

Before the rapid rise of the internet, marketing was considered an art – but currently, it’s a combination of art and science. Marketers are interested in improving their click-through and open rates to attract more web visitors and increase sales….

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Social Selling

Why Social Selling is the best Skill for Salespeople?

Being successful in business is all about building a regular stream of profitable revenue and there’s no doubt that social selling is a key strategy. It should help you achieve 40% more of your revenue goals than if you continue…

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Buzz marketing exploits the viral side of the web

Communication is undergoing a real revolution thanks to the Internet, this incredible search engine that makes everyone happy because you can find everything or almost everything. And marketing is not shy to use the Internet to its advantage. Let’s discover…

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New trends: The different social networks to watch out for

Facebook, twitter, Instagram,… entrepreneurs are looking for new social networks to compete with them. They are trying to launch high-potential social networks with ease of access on the web. Let’s be careful, the development of these networks is not easy…

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Good reasons to do social selling

Nowadays, getting information on the internet is becoming a common practice among B2B buyers. They are therefore no longer interested in cold sales prospecting. We can no longer afford to rely on e-mails or phone calls because they are now…

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How to evaluate the size of a potential market?

Assessing the size of your future market is an inevitable step during the creation of your company. It is an important phase to start in order to master the competition and have an idea of your turnover. You will then…

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How to choose your company’s performance indicators?

It is important for an entrepreneur to run a profitable and sustainable business. It doesn’t matter whether he is a manager, a creator or an entrepreneur. This is why he must base his business on key performance indicators. These provide…

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Marketing videos: the advantages of a video with aerial views

The availability of aerial photographs or video by UAV allows marketers to open up a new range of possibilities for conveying their advertising messages. Until recently, this was almost unthinkable, i.e. very expensive. In this article, we’ll look at the…

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Why set up a push notification system?

If you have a mobile application (Android sdk, etc.), you should be used to push notifications. Many of you are no doubt aware of what it is and how it works, but are you using it effectively to your advantage?…

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Influence marketing: benefiting from the advice of an agency

You know that influencers could support your business, but you don’t really know how to take advantage of this technique. This guide is for you. Influence marketing consulting: getting support from an agency Consulting in influence marketing Influence marketing is…

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