How to create buzz and virality?

Buzz or viral marketing is, as its name suggests, a technique mainly dedicated to marketing to advertise a defined product in order to spread as quickly as possible and thus reach the maximum audience. Steps are imperative to reach these objectives.

The objective

The objectives of buzz are the propagation of messages that reach the public in order to incite them to change their behaviour towards a specific habit or area. The term virality suggests that the message spreads like a computer virus, i.e. very quickly, without control, without limits. For a buzz to be successful, it must first be implemented so that the message or content can create strong emotions in the audience. By strong emotion, we mean: suspense, joy, fear, etc. This emotion must be such that the Internet user in question can by himself spread the information and then adopt in real life the incentive of the advertisement.

Benefits and risks

Viral marketing has the advantage of having a very limited cost due to the fact that the message is mostly transmitted through a single channel: "the Internet", and is spread thanks to the Internet users themselves. The purchase of virtual spaces can also be an alternative. The main disadvantage is the lack of control itself, which can lead to the modification of information during propagation or also an impossibility to erase errors in the information. All in all, buzz can become a big problem at any time.

What are the tools to make a buzz?

The tools to create a buzz are the following: an original product that does not correspond to the expectations of Internet users to make their surprises, then a content with the precise messages with the emotion mentioned above, then one or more social network channels that will face the rapid dissemination of information such as: Facebook, tweeter, You tube, etc.. These social networks are the pillars of virality in the web. These networks also serve as indicators for the effectiveness of the buzz through number of "seen", "like", "share", etc.. Several more or less theoretical techniques are also included to achieve a good viral diffusion on the web.  The study of the target audience allows the framing of the content. The animation of the audience such as games, quizzes, blogs. Other Internet tools can also be used such as emails.

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