Get support in selling your website

Your activity does not please you any more or you want to reconvert? Your website can make you a lot of money if your business is doing well. If not, it can make you earn some money... In any case, during the preparation of the sale of your site, it would be more judicious to ask for the accompaniment of a professional. But why?

How to determine the value of a site?

The price of a site can vary enormously, but it can be worth several thousand euros. Indeed, several parameters can help you to determine the right price, namely : visibility and popularity competitive position the theme profitability character: evolutionary, etc. referencing: is it well referenced? the presentation: is it pleasant? Can it be easily modified? lstock, in the context of e-commerce the future of the business area the community And the code In most cases, the site will be resold at the value of its annual profit multiplied by 2, 3... However, if you don't know how to estimate it, register your site on a specialized platform. This way, buyers will be able to offer you different price proposals. Nevertheless, if you think your site is undervalued, there is another more interesting alternative: ask for the help of a professional. He will be able to accompany you throughout this procedure and will help you to estimate your website. Note: Sentimental value has nothing to do with the right price. So try to be neutral and transparent! In any case, if you plan to sell a website click here

How to increase the value of a site?

To sell a site at the best price, you must prepare your ad well. Thus, you must detail everything: the description of the activities, the bounce rate, the conversion rate, the articles published on the platform, the target, the loyalty rate, the traffic, etc. In short, you must not forget the most relevant information. Other factors can also boost the value of your site: seniority, the database, emailing, search engine positioning, etc... Let's take the profitability of the site as an example. It can considerably increase the cost of a page. In any case, the help of a professional can be of great use to you to optimize the value of your site. He will give you good advice to increase his estimate and help you sell it as soon as possible. According to articles 1582 of the Civil Code, the sale of a website must be the subject of a contract in due form. In general, it must contain the identity of the buyer and seller, the agreed price, copyright protection clauses... Your guide can also help you draft it and avoid the most common pitfalls.

Where to sell your site?

In order to sell your website properly, get assistance from the beginning of your project until the final sale. Indeed, the service provider will be entirely at your disposal and you can contact him and ask him questions if you need to! To find buyers, first contact your community. Your fans might be interested in your activity!!! Otherwise, you can also make proposals on specialized platforms or publish ads in generalist sites or forums related to your theme. Note: Some professionals prefer to buy a website rather than create one, because it represents undeniable advantages such as: reduced SEO work, simplified traffic acquisition, notoriety... So, if you have a good site, it will not be difficult to find a buyer as soon as possible.

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