get Backlinks

Creative ways to get Backlinks

Getting backlinks is important for your website’s SEO. Backlinks are an indication that other websites believe that your site provides value to their readers. The French Digital Company is dedicated to helping you with backlinking for your website. The more…

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rédacteurs web

Trouver des rédacteurs web professionnels et performants

Le choix d’un rédacteur web professionnel peut dépendre d’un grand nombre de critères. Vous devez vous intéresser au professionnalisme de votre rédacteur. L’ancienneté peut être considérée comme étant un gage de qualité. Le choix d’un professionnel peut changer en fonction…

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Natural referencing, sponsored links, e-marketing, affiliation

Natural referencing also called SEO represents all the techniques that allow a site or a set of web pages to be favourably positioned in the first natural or organic results of search engines. This very useful practice in e-marketing includes…

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Buzz marketing – Search Engine Optimization and Web Marketing

Buzz marketing is a communication action based on the principle of word-of-mouth. The objective of this practice is to create excitement or interest around a product launch, a brand or an advertising campaign. This practice specific to Webmarketing can be…

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What are the advantages of a prestashop website?

PrestaShop, the open source software created in 2007 by 5 students of the Epitech computer school is a program used to facilitate the creation of an online shop. This application was created under the terms of the Open Software 3.0…

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What training to become a community manager?

Becoming a successful community manager requires a certain level of competence from a well-filled training course. Working on various themes such as communication, marketing, internet and human resources, this community manager training will allow the student to strengthen his skills…

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How to boost the traffic and sales of your website?

Increasing traffic and sales on your online store is an essential step for the serenity of your business. Whether you’ve just opened your e-commerce or you want to boost your sales, it’s the surest way to make a profit. Here…

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Why use an e-Reputation agency?

What you say on the web, or the photos you leave on it, helps to build your reputation. Likewise, a negative image of a company can spread quickly. In these situations, an e-reputation agency will help you regain a more…

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The advantages of using a SEO and digital marketing agency

To optimize your website, using a SEO and digital marketing agency has many advantages. You can save a lot of time and money. But you can also be guaranteed an optimized site that complies with SEO rules. Indeed, it is…

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Why use Google Adwords in your web strategy?

Advertising on Google as well as the purchase of keywords complete the natural referencing of a website. In fact, Google Adwords makes it possible to distribute its ads to Internet users who are looking for services or products that we…

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