Participate in internet surveys to earn money

Paid surveys are solutions that make it easy to earn money with time and a little bit of means. These specialized portals offer the Internet user innovative and simple missions to have other sources of income. You increase your jackpot by completing a paid survey. Those who manage to accumulate enough points can win a voucher or make a Skrill or PayPal transfer.

Some specificities of paid surveys

The purpose of the paid survey is to give an Internet user the opportunity to give their opinion in exchange for a gift or financial compensation. This solution is seen as an attractive income supplement. You can carry out a paid survey with your Smartphone or your computer. The companies behind these online surveys aim to collect consumer opinions. The results of the paid questionnaire are intended to optimize the quality of a service or product. The particularity of online surveys is that the questionnaires do not present any specific knowledge. In order to become a panelist, it is not necessary to follow a training course or have a diploma. This additional income concerns several themes: automobile, telephone, food, technology, travel, holidays... As with paid surveys, survey panels encourage consumers to complete a satisfaction questionnaire by granting them compensation. To join a paid survey site, you must register and then complete a profile. This step is very important because it allows for better targeting of the surveys. Depending on the nature of the survey, the questionnaires will be sent only to men, women, seniors... The panelist receives credits when he or she completes a survey. These points are used as a currency to exchange for vouchers, money, gifts... The survey to earn money is an activity accessible to all. It allows you to work at any time, plan your work... Panels or survey sites are intermediaries between companies and Internet users. Companies are interested in the opinions, tastes and preferences of consumers in order to improve their products or services. Paid surveys are a way to make money quickly and for free. Questionnaires are sent out taking into account the socio-demographic characteristics of the panelist: family situation, age, interests, personal tastes, salaries, professions... The value of the remuneration varies according to the length of the questionnaires. Access to the paid survey is 100% free of charge. The average time to complete a paid survey is 10 to 15 minutes.

Tips for getting started in paid surveys

Paid surveys allow companies to gather consumer feedback on items before they begin marketing them. By participating in paid surveys, panelists will be able to complete a questionnaire about current events, social issues or consumer habits. The best way to maximize your earnings is to integrate multiple sites. PayPal's paid survey portals also offer their subscribers the opportunity to test products at home, participate in contests, read paid emails... Some offers reward the Internet user by giving vouchers. The panels work in partnership with brands. Thanks to the vouchers, the consumer will be able to make interesting savings. By taking part in the sponsorship, you increase your earnings significantly. This operation is more suitable for those who aim for the long term. By making several sponsorships per year, you can improve your ends of the month. There are several solutions for finding godchildren: publishing blog articles, informing members of a Facebook group... Paid surveys are aimed at Internet users aged 15 and over. To earn points, simply fill out a questionnaire accessible from your mailbox. Some companies send an email containing a link to access the questionnaire published on a site. The withdrawal of earnings is done with PayPal or sometimes by credit card. This withdrawal can be done only when you reach a payment threshold provided by the site.

How do I choose a paid survey site?

Before being able to register on a panel, the Internet user must have an email address, a computer or Smartphone, a PayPal account and a good connection. When looking for a paid survey site, you should avoid portals with paid registration. In addition, a professional site does not ask for a credit card number at any time. When looking for the right paid survey site, one must be wary of panels that offer too high earnings. It is highly likely that a site that promises 10 € by filling out an online survey is a scam. To register on a reliable site, it is recommended to check the solvency of the company responsible for the platform. This check should be done systematically when it is a French company. To discover a good paid survey site, you can also check the reputation of the panel on Google.

The best sites for paid surveys

The panels are easy to use sites, you can find the best portals taking into account the payment threshold. This is the minimum amount you need to have before you can get your prize money back. The comparison of the sites is also done by taking into account the delay of payment of the earnings. In addition to the questionnaires to be completed, there is another solution to earn money, that of sponsoring godchildren. Other portals offer more services: testing new items, visiting shops and carrying out small missions, winning gifts... By carrying out paid surveys, some panels offer credits to be converted into cash or gift vouchers. The gifts can be articles from the companies that are partners of the platform. To obtain the questionnaires adapted to your profile, it is important to fill in the questionnaire when you register. Note that most paid survey sites allow payments via PayPal. To make the completion of questionnaires more accessible, some portals have developed mobile applications. To avoid wasting time, the simplest way is to register directly on reliable paid survey sites. Regardless of the paid survey site, the secret to making a profit is to be very patient. By focusing on the most serious sites, panelists will generate the maximum profit.

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