Buzz marketing exploits the viral side of the web

Communication is undergoing a real revolution thanks to the Internet, this incredible search engine that makes everyone happy because you can find everything or almost everything. And marketing is not shy to use the Internet to its advantage. Let's discover how marketing has exploited the web.

Buzz marketing or viral marketing

Buzz marketing is a kind of creative and surprising advertising based on the word-of-mouth principle. Buzz marketing takes place a few days to a few months before a product, a brand, a song, a film or a service that could arouse public interest is put on the market. With the Internet as a vector of information, how does buzz marketing work?

Word of mouth via the internet

The aim of online buzz marketing is to use a contact as a medium for transmitting a message that it will spread to a maximum of people. This contact is the customer, the pivot of the promotion of the product or service. Thanks to the internet, he can share and relay the information he obtains instantly. It is then enough for the company that wants to create a buzz to find influential people who will know how to communicate the information to communities of interest. Buzz marketing has its advantages compared to other media advertising: a publication on a website and several visitors to the site are informed of the event; the dissemination is done by Internet users, the information circulates by word of mouth and is therefore free; the information is communicated between people with the same interests; the effectiveness of the buzz is quantifiable by the number of views, visits, orders, comments, likes (on facebook), etc. Of course, in order for buzz marketing to generate interest, the product's objectives must be well defined (health, beauty, fashion, etc.), the product must be specialized for a certain category of individuals, and the product must convey a strong message to arouse desire and curiosity.

By what means?

To be conveyed on the Internet, the marketing message needs a medium: video support (trailer, short film for advertisements, animated film, ...) or an image support. Marketing also uses mailing (newsletter) to put the customer on the lookout for new features on the site. Other types of media such as competitions, sponsoring or sponsorship with price reductions, gift offers and promotional offers that customers love are also exploitable.

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