Good reasons to do social selling

Nowadays, getting information on the internet is becoming a common practice among B2B buyers. They are therefore no longer interested in cold sales prospecting. We can no longer afford to rely on e-mails or phone calls because they are now ignored by the majority. It is therefore necessary to adopt a less intrusive sales strategy that adapts to new purchasing behaviours. This is social selling, which is not just about being present on social networks. It is all the practices used to improve the performance of sales teams, especially in B2B companies.

Identifying company decision-makers and getting new leads

In order to target and reach decision-makers within companies quickly and easily, it is essential for sales teams to have a larger network. Indeed, it is not at all easy to get in direct contact with the right person in the context of a B2B approach. And the quality of the relationship can also be compromised and the message can be spoiled if the number of contacts increases. A company must understand the importance of developing a quality network. Social selling is an effective approach to speeding up contact with decision-makers. It also helps to communicate non-promotional information about the company's activity and to inform about its services. If you are still new to the subject, you can use a social selling agency to indicate the process to be followed.

Optimize your network's engagement with quality content

Social selling cannot be excluded from the social media strategy. Before looking for new customers on the networks, it is essential to set up a clear editorial positioning beforehand. Of course, the help of a social selling agency is not too much to ask for. At the same time, we must take into account the fact that the majority of Internet users favour brands with creative or original content. We should therefore not hesitate to provide quality content in a variety of formats.

Maintenance and loyalty of existing customers

Social selling is not just about developing relationships. It also aims to stay in touch with existing customers. The aim is to conclude sales as quickly as possible. Quality content must be constantly shared to ensure the success of this approach. One must always make sure that the content constitutes excellent added value in order to generate interest in one's network. This also enhances the company's expertise and at the same time creates a relationship of trust with prospects. The implementation of a social selling strategy is interesting in the sense that everyone in the company participates. Each member makes sure to contribute to its success. Once the direct connections have been established, it will no longer be difficult to convey messages to prospects at the right time.

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