New trends: The different social networks to watch out for

Facebook, twitter, Instagram,... entrepreneurs are looking for new social networks to compete with them. They are trying to launch high-potential social networks with ease of access on the web. Let's be careful, the development of these networks is not easy but these new tendencies are not necessarily controlled.

Why this new trend?

A momentary social network in which they can play freely and anonymously is what most users are asking for. Tomorrow's entrepreneurs claim to be able to meet this user demand. It is indeed attractive, but dear web marketing clients, you should know that this mix is not easy to build, which in no way guarantees the reliability of these new social networks. It's just a question of market!

List of smart social networks

Let's take a look at the seven social networks available on the web, on IOS and mostly on Android: Secret: a network where we can reveal ourselves anonymously while sharing our private thoughts, secrets, confessions to strangers, in short the display of our diary, Snapchat: allows you to take and share pictures and videos with your friends for a short period of time, usable for a company that wants to communicate momentarily with its customers, We Heart It : derives from Pinterest, a secret network where you can discover beautiful photos and new ideas, Yik yak: network developed to consult and post anonymous messages around oneself, yaks, Whisper: targets youth who like anonymity because it allows us to hear the whispers of those around us and share messages, ideas and photos in secret, Medium: Same function as Tumblr, it publishes content quickly with great simplicity and a high-end journalistic and editorial style, Shots: dedicated to selfies fun even the big celebrities join this network that limits harassment by allowing only likes and shots and excluding comments in the private messaging of the application. These social networks of the new generation of web marketing should be inspected because they are not yet controlled and can cause harm to Internet users in case of malfunction.

A word of caution

The new social networks reveal a trend in terms of use and consumption in a hyper-connected society but are not necessarily interesting.

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