Why use an e-Reputation agency?

What you say on the web, or the photos you leave on it, helps to build your reputation. Likewise, a negative image of a company can spread quickly. In these situations, an e-reputation agency will help you regain a more positive reputation on the Internet.

Don't let e-reputation take hold

A public figure, or an entrepreneur, for example, must look after their reputation on the Internet. Anything they may have said on the Internet at one time or another, and any traces they may have left behind, will eventually appear. News travels very quickly on the Internet, and it is well known that the right to be forgotten is difficult to obtain. Similarly, companies must safeguard their brand image. A degraded e-reputation, resulting from comments from unhappy customers or negative comments about products sold, can lead to the loss of many customers. To remedy this and to learn more about the services of an e-reputation agency, click here.

Make an assessment

The best way to improve your e-reputation is to use an e-reputation agency. With their recognized expertise and many years of experience, their seasoned professionals will be able to take the necessary measures. Your agency will first take stock of the situation. First, it will check to see if people are talking about you, or your company, on the Internet. It will then look for the nature of the opinions that are being exchanged about you. She will also take stock of all the traces you have left on the Internet.

How can you redress your e-reputation?

If the agency notices that your e-reputation has been tarnished, it will first try to discern the nature of the damage. The comments made on your account can indeed be considered defamation and even insult. Without reaching such a degree of seriousness, they may come from a competitor who seeks to discredit your products with customers. The form of the response will therefore depend in part on the nature of the attack. In all cases, de-referencing procedures will be likely to restore your reputation on the Internet. To achieve this, it is necessary to prevent negative information about you, or malicious content, from appearing on the first page of search engines. The e-reputation agency will therefore endeavour to publish a large amount of positive content about you, which will gradually relegate negative comments to more distant pages. The agency will also optimise the content of your personal or company website. A more adapted structure, the addition of links or images can give the site a more attractive appearance. The e-reputation agency can still offer you a long-term follow-up. It will consist of constant monitoring and checking, on a regular basis, what is being said about you or your company. The agency can also, at your request, create alerts or request deletion of content.

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