Why use Google Adwords in your web strategy?

Advertising on Google as well as the purchase of keywords complete the natural referencing of a website. In fact, Google Adwords makes it possible to distribute its ads to Internet users who are looking for services or products that we want to publish. To reach its targets on the web, we can use many strategies including SEO.

What is Google Adwords?

SEO and SEA are 2 completely different things. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is free and allows to optimize the visibility, quality and understanding of a site. This allows it to gain places in a natural way. On the other hand, SEA or paid referencing means in other words, advertising on search engines and especially on Google. Then, thanks to the Adwords platform, you can buy keywords on which you want to be positioned. In this way, you can see your ads according to the requests of people on the net. In general, the cost will depend on the number of clicks or the number of times the ad appears in the SERPs. It is recommended to turn to a Google Ads agency to create your very first ad on Google. To do so, you can click on www.xenoht.net.

What can be accomplished with Google Adwords?

With an Adwords campaign conducted by a good Google Ads agency, you can quickly gain notoriety. In this way, get known for your products, services, company, etc. to improve your visibility on the web. Once this is done, we will now generate quality traffic. With advertising, you can quickly get more visits to your web pages. This is not just any Internet user who came to the site by chance. It is a qualified, targeted visitor who can potentially become a customer. Afterwards, it all depends on his landing pages. If they are well optimized, we can increase the number of prospects. This will result in a request for quotes, contacts, additional information, and so on.

What are the advantages of Google advertising?

When you advertise on Google, you want to appear in the top ranking of search results. Therefore, using a Google AdWords agency is the best alternative to make this a reality. By getting top positions, you can earn a return on investment quickly. Indeed, online advertising allows you to immediately measure the impact of your web strategy. It takes less than a day to get results on your number of clicks, impressions, conversions, etc.. With SEA, you can carry out very precise targeting and therefore directly reach Internet users looking for the products or services you sell. Also, you are freer to manage your Adwords campaigns, for the modification of your ads, your landing page or the addition of keywords... Moreover, you can do it at any time. It's the same for budget management. If we have to reduce it or rather increase it, we can do it at any time.

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