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Webmarketing, what is it?

Webmarketing, also called online marketing, Internet marketing or eMarketing, refers to all marketing and advertising techniques used on the Internet. It is inspired by traditional marketing, but that does not prevent it from having its own techniques. We therefore find strategic webmarketing, traffic creation, performance analysis, loyalty building, but also referencing… Professions such as website creator, Webmarketer, Community Manager or referrer are all part of the skills required in the field of Webmarketing. Simply go to Inexpensive Marketing Solutions for more detailed information.

Social Networks


Affiliation is a marketing technique allowing a commercial or commercially oriented website to promote its offer on partner websites. It is all the commercial links (direct or banner) that push to buy.
There are several ways of remunerating an affiliation program: CPA (Cost Per Action or remuneration per share), CPL (Cost Per Lead or remuneration per form) or CPC (Cost per click or remuneration per click).

SEO referencing

SEO, search engine optimization, is the set of techniques that aims to improve the positioning of web pages to make them appear in the first pages of search engine results.
There are indeed several ways to optimize. This is where you can call upon a professional in digital communication, including a web agency specializing in the field.
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Web agency expertise

Email marketing

One of the communication tools, email marketing is defined by all the marketing uses of email, including acquisition / conquest and relational / loyalty uses.

Webmarketing tools

The webmarketin is too rich in tools. Among its tools we find: "classic" tools, social networks, brand community platforms, social commerce.... Visit Vector Communications for more information.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a strategy and method that invites Internet users to perform a search action. For the company, it means trying to be found rather than "attacking" the Internet user by imposing itself on him.


Curation platforms offer the ability to select, edit and share the most relevant web content for a given query or topic. Their advantages are to formalize a watch on a specific topic, to mediate the watch to demonstrate expertise in a core business.